We manage your proposals and marketing so you can focus on what you do best-
growing your business!

We make you look good.





We get it - the stakes are high

Many businesses rely on winning competitive proposals and having a strong online presence to grow their business. When you’re running a business time is rarely on your side. Add multiple deadlines on top of that and you often find yourself in a constant scramble to get everything done while being pulled in multiple directions.

We want to help you reclaim your time!

By letting us help carry some of the weight, you will be able to breathe and balance your remaining responsibilities with the peace of mind your project is in reliable hands

This is where 40Two comes in

We're here to support YOU!

As the business owner, VP, or manager, you are the expert on your business. No one knows the company like you do. That’s why we are here, not as a replacement, but as a support.

To help you succeed, grow, and thrive by leveraging our expertise to help you win more work and strengthen your online presence.

How we support you

Proposal Management Services

proposal management

Proposal Management

Making the proposal process easy for you by managing all the details.

copywrite and editing

Copywriting & Editing

Sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes to breathe new life into your documents.

proposal audits

Proposal Audits

For when you need a little guidance on how to strengthen your proposal submissions.

copywrite and editing

Document Library

Setting you up for success by developing your document library and submission templates.

Website & Marketing Services

website development and maintenance

Website Development

We design your website to be more engaging and answer all of your potential client's needs.

Website Content

Website Content

Developing website content in your voice and making sure your brand message rings through on each page.

document design

Printed Media

Our team specializes in creating high-quality printed media that aligns with your brand and voice.

Digital Media

Digital Media

Designing the media you need to effectively represent your company and brand.

Our Journey Together

It all starts with a chat! We love connecting and learning about who you are, what you need and seeing how we can help! Whether you need help responding to your next RFP or need a new website but have no idea where to start, it all begins with a conversation.

We can look into your past proposals and marketing presence to help you assess ways to grow, and how we can help you!